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Meet Adam Conley 

Adam Conley is an experienced HR consultant with more than seven years of experience in the healthcare, non-profit, and  other service. He holds two HR professional certifications, SHRM-SCP and PHR, and a BA degree from George Fox University. Currently finishing up his Masters in Leadership from Doane University, Adam has lived and worked in various parts of the United States and enjoys building long-term relationships with clients. He takes pride in helping small business owners and non-profit leaders discover creative ways to build an HR department that is both supportive and transformative for their organization. Adam believes that there is always a solution to any problem or concern when people come together to brainstorm and find creative solutions.

Adam founded Transformative HR Support LLC with a clear goal in mind - to create a positive impact for organizations across the country. His unique approach sets him apart from other HR Consultants, as he believes in providing personalized, tailored, and affordable HR Consulting Support to all businesses and nonprofits. By implementing a strong HR department or support system in place, Adam knows that employees can thrive and, ultimately, organizations will Transform into something greater than ever imagined!

Adam is a highly skilled HR professional with extensive experience in employee relations, recruitment and retention, payroll concerns, and benefits administration. Also, he has experience with HR laws, FMLA, leave administration policies, HR file audits, timekeeping management, employee trainings, and other various HR tasks. His expertise in all aspects of HR can help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Contact Adam today for all your HR needs. Let him show you what sets TRANSFORMATIVE HR SUPPORT apart from other typical HR Consulting firms!

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